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Secure Web Browser is a fast and secure way to surf the Internet on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch without worrying about leaving a trail of web sites you've visited or any web site cookies behind. That means you can go to sensitive web sites with peace of mind.
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Secure Web Browser is perfect for those who value their privacy or share their device with other members of the family. If you use a company-issued iPhone or iPad, you need Secure Web to ensure your personal privacy when going to your favorite sites.
  1. Works on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  2. Uses the same browser technology as Safari.
  3. Supports landscape and portrait orientation (all 4 ways).
  4. You can pinch and zoom to see more details on the page.
  5. You can watch videos in full-screen just like in Safari.
  6. The Go button (green arrow) becomes an hourglass to let you know the page is loading.
  7. Does NOT remember web sites visited (no history).
  8. Does NOT keep cookies from web sites visited (no cookies).
  9. Does NOT keep HTML5 storage and file caches from web sites visited (no file/cache traces).
  10. Does NOT stay running in the background (peace of mind).
  11. EVERYTHING IS DELETED when the app exits, enters in the background or when it starts (ultimate privacy).
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